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First Check with the appropriate team(See Junior Teams page) manager or coach for team vacancy.  If a place is available, follow the procedure below:

An FFA number is required to register with MyfootballClub, please select the appropriate option below:

I know my FFA number and I am ready to proceed to a login screen to retrieve my password and complete my registration.

Click here to proceed to the login pages.

I have been registered as a player/referee/coach/volunteer before but need to find my FFA number prior to completing my registration.
Click here to find your FFA Number.

I have never been registered before and would like to create an FFA account to commence the registration.
Click here to create an FFA account

Once you have your log-in, follow these instructions to register

  1. Click the Register Button
  2. Enter the personal details and contact details

  3. Upload Players photo, passport style photo (Image is used by referees and managers on game day)

  4. Select Registration:
    Step 1. Club: Montrose Soccer Club
    Step 2. Select “Player”
    Step 3. Select package according to what team you/your child will play
    Step 4. Add Package

  5. Accept the FFV Terms and Conditions

  6. Payment: Make Payment on line.

  7. Answer any ‘Additional Questions’

  8. Your registration will remain “PENDING” until full payment has been made and approved by the club registrar

Click here to see the self registration overview

This link provides access to the self registration guide


Things to give to team manager/coach:

If the player is a returning player only socks will be supplied.  If a full uniform is required please fill in a uniform ordering form and return to team manager.
Uniform order form